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What is the most powerful Muslim country in the world?

11 December, 2018 00:16
What is the most powerful Muslim country in the world?

5Pillars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih has compiled a subjective list of the most powerful countries in the Muslim world. He judged them on nine criteria – the strength of their economies, internal cohesion, their political systems, levels of corruption, natural resources, human resources, the strength of their militaries, international alliances, independence, global influence and Muslim influence. Using the above criteria he came up with a Top 10, and concluded that Turkey comes first.

This is of course a completely unscientific and subjective judgement and please feel free to disagree. But we hope it might spark off a bit of a debate.

1. Turkey

Economy: 6
Internal Cohesion: 5
Political System: 7
Lack of Corruption: 5
Natural Resources: 5
Human Resources: 7
82 Million People. Average Age of 30.
Military: 9
International Alliances: 6
Independence: 6
Global Influence: 6
Muslim Influence: 8
Total: 70

Joint 2nd: Iran

Economy: 3
Internal Cohesion: 8
Political System: 8
Lack of Corruption: 4
Natural Resources: 9
Human Resources: 7
Military: 8
International Alliances: 4
Independence: 7
Global Influence: 5
Muslim Influence: 6
Total: 69

Source: 5pillarsuk

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What is the most powerful Muslim country in the world?
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