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Muslim Congress Online Pre-Hawza Program

05 January, 2019 16:37
Muslim Congress Online Pre-Hawza Program

The PreHawza classes are taught by dedicated scholars from the Hawza and are geared towards students of all levels - whether you are interested in simply expanding your basic knowledge or you intend to go for higher studies.  Furthermore, the schedule has been created keeping in mind our busy lifestyle. You may register for one class or more depending on your personal schedule.

The Pre-Hawza course is a universal introductory course to various Islamic studies which are important to know for every Muslim. This course is beneficial for two groups:

1. Those who want to study in traditional seminary school (The Hawza); this course familiarizes them with the teaching method, curriculum and prerequisites of the seminary.

2. Those students (high school or college graduated) who want to have deep awareness of Islam.

More information on: Pre Hawza Website

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Muslim Congress Online Pre-Hawza ProgramMuslim Congress Online Pre-Hawza ProgramMuslim Congress Online Pre-Hawza Program
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