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The Program in Islamic Studies at Johns Hopkins University

10 March, 2019 17:41
The Program in Islamic Studies at Johns Hopkins University

The Program in Islamic Studies at Johns Hopkins University was established in 2014. It is the culmination of the expression of strong interest on the part of undergraduate students and of many years of effort by faculty from almost all social science and humanities departments. We hope that our combined cross-disciplinary perspectives across history, anthropology, philosophy, history of sciences, Near Eastern studies, and others will be generative of a new approach to the scholarship and teaching of Islamic studies. Our aim is to educate our students about Muslims and Islam in historical and comparative perspectives, and in the context of their co-existence with followers of many other faiths

Minor in Islamic Studies

The minor in Islamic Studies is open to all undergraduates regardless of major. It provides the intellectual and linguistic training to approach Islam — and the world — in a historically and culturally informed way, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions while exploring the diversity and complexity of the world’s second-largest religion.


- Concepts: How to Read Hindu and Islamic Texts
- Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Medieval World
- Independent Study
- Politics and Poetics of Mobility in Africa
- What Does it Mean to be Religious?
- Modern and Contemporary Art in South Asia
- Themes in Medieval Islamic Thought
- Introduction to the Art of Asia


• Niloofar Haeri (PhD, University of Pennsylvania): Director, Program in Islamic Studies; Professor, Anthropology
• Ryan Calder (PhD, University of California, Berkeley): Director of Undergraduate Studies; Assistant Professor, Sociology
• Gabriele Ferrario: Visiting Assistant Professor
• Homayra Ziad (Phd, Yale University): Lecturer

Advisory Board

• Paul Delnero, Associate Professor
• Tamer el-Leithy, Assistant Professor of History
• M. Ali Khan, Abram Hutzler Professor of Political Economy
• Naveeda Khan, Associate Professor of Anthropology
• Glenn M. Schwartz, Whiting Professor of Archeology, Near Eastern Studies


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The Program in Islamic Studies at Johns Hopkins University
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