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Postgraduate Symposium: Muslims in the UK and Europe

20 May, 2019 20:22
Postgraduate Symposium: Muslims in the UK and Europe

Date: June 6-7, 2019

Venue: Moller Centre, Cambridge, UK

Organized by: The Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge

The postgraduate symposium, taking place from 6-7 June 2019, will be a platform for students to present and exchange current research on any topic in this field in a dynamic forum.

The Centre organizes an annual postgraduate symposium on “Muslims in the UK and Europe”. The aim is to bring together graduate students from British, European and American universities to present their research to their peers, discuss their findings and engage in debate about the issues that face Muslims in the European context. Topics vary widely, from Sufism to Salafism, from charity to burial rites, religious travel to therapy, Islamophobia, deradicalization initiatives and more.

The symposium takes place in Cambridge, with registration, a keynote address by a distinguished guest, presentations of each paper in panels with Q&A and finishing with a dinner in the evening.

The symposium is held at the Moller Centre, Cambridge, where students are also provided accommodation and meals. Travel bursaries will be available.

Source: University of Cambridge

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Postgraduate Symposium: Muslims in the UK and Europe
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