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Book Series: Routledge Studies in Islam and Human Rights

20 December, 2019 14:10
Book Series: Routledge Studies in Islam and Human Rights

Prof. Souaiaia is Founder and currently the General Editor of the Book Series, Routledge Studies in Islam and Human Rights, which publishes scholarly monographs that examine the rich and complex intellectual and institutional legacy of Islam relevant to human rights and social (in)justice since the formative period of Islam (7th century CE).

The Series aims to integrate knowledge from a variety of disciplines employing new and established methodological and theoretical approaches in human rights research, taking into consideration the consequential legacies of colonialism, imperialism, and globalism on Muslim-majority countries in the modern era as well as the impact of Islam, as an idea and event, on indigenous peoples during the rise and expansion of the Islamic civilization.

While acknowledging the fact that the human rights discourse is primarily political, the Series is committed to providing space to critical analysis, advocacy-oriented, and public policy research in an accessible form to students, professors, human rights professionals, and publically-engaged scholars. The Series welcomes works dealing specifically with the topic of human rights theories as well as discoveries that connect human rights to social issues, institutions, themes, ideas, and events.


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Book Series: Routledge Studies in Islam and Human Rights
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