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Ma'rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination

29 January, 2020 16:50
Ma'rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination

The National Shi’a Student Conference

Date: February 28-29, 2020         

Venue: SOCH Harvard, 59 Shepherd Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, US

Shi`a students today find themselves dealing with a myriad of challenges. Between the struggles of navigating faith in America, creating spaces to cultivate spirituality, balancing several identities, as well as being a minority within the Muslim community, students need a meaningful forum to engage these issues. Ma’rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination is the first conference of its kind in North America, a conference organized by Shi`a students for Shi`a students, to address the issues of Shi’a identity, spirituality, activism, and community.

We bring together a unique blend of scholars, academics, community leaders, and activists for a holistic multidisciplinary approach to self-reflection and re-imagination of the Shi’a paradigm in America.

Conference Website:

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Ma'rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination
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