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Alimiyyah Degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies

18 February, 2020 16:27
Alimiyyah Degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies

Intensive Residential Program

Applications for 2020 are now OPEN

First Academic Year: September 2020-July 2021

Second Academic Year: September 2021-July 2022

Duration: 2 Years

The Alimiyyah Degree program is a 2 or 3 year residential course (dependent on your prior level of Arabic and Islamic studies) developed by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, based on decades of research and teaching students in the UK. It is designed to develop critical thinking and a deep understanding of the primary sources of Islam, empowering students to bring this understanding to bear on contemporary issues facing them in society.

We recognize that many people wish to study the Islamic sciences but are unable to commit to several years of full time education. The Alimiyyah Degree program has been designed with this in mind; through 2 years of intensive study students will be equipped with the tools necessary to become an Islamic scholar, or ‘Alim’. These individuals will ideally have completed, or at least obtained a place on, a bachelors program at any accredited university. Through this we hope to develop Ulama who are active in various roles in society: professionals, academics, business-people, community activists and many more.

Source: Cambridge Islamic College

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Alimiyyah Degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies
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