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Master "Islam and society"

15 April, 2020 18:50
Master "Islam and society"

Launched in the autumn 2019 semester, a Master Islam and Society study course in the main branch (90 ECTS) is offered by the Swiss Center Islam and Society (CSIS) within the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the University of Friborg.

Current discussions on Islam show that there is not only a quest for societal and political perspectives, but also an increased need for Islamo-religious interpretations. In this context, the Master program “Islam and society” is devoted to exchange relations between Islam and society, in Europe and more specifically in the Swiss context.

On a first level, the program thermalizes as much the philosophical and theological speeches as the normative questions. The conditions relating to societal, legal and political frameworks as well as Muslim social action in civil society are also discussed during the course.

The Swiss Center Islam and Society (CSIS) of the University of Friborg is a competence center dealing with current issues related to Islam in Switzerland with an emphasis on Islamic self-reflection.

Source: University of Friborg

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Master "Islam and society"
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