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CFP: Special Issue “Religion in the Contemporary Transformation Society”

28 August, 2020 02:12
CFP: Special Issue “Religion in the Contemporary Transformation Society”

A Special Issue of Religions

Call for Papers

Guest Editor: Dr. Svetlana Sharonova and Dr. Marta Soler

Publisher: MDPI – Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Manuscript Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021

Society is constantly transforming, but there are historical periods when the transformation is so intense that it becomes explosive. Such a concentration of changes taking place at the same time allows us to say that society is passing through a bifurcation point, acquiring a new quality of evolution of a dynamic system, society is moving into a new format for its development. Today’s transformation of society is the imposition (or bifurcation point) of the rapid development of smart technologies, leading to the transition to a smart society; globalization processes and increased resistance to national identity; secularization and post-secularization processes. The focus of our issue is religion, its state in this transformational pressure.

Modern studies of the last ten years are more focused on specific problems that arise “here and now”: religion and migration processes, religion and gender, secularization and new religions, etc. We propose to summarize these topics and try to build a unified view of the significance of religion in this whirlpool of transformations and threats to religion and society, lurking in the consequences of unpredictable results. Special attention will be paid to contributions that offer evidence of potential or real social impact that guarantees the improving of people’s lives.

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CFP: Special Issue “Religion in the Contemporary Transformation Society”
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