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Denmark's First "Real" Mosque Opens

19 June, 2014 22:28
 Denmark's First "Real" Mosque Opens

Denmark’s largest purpose-built mosque, including the country’s first minaret, opened on Thursday in Copenhagen’s northwest district after receiving a 150 million kroner ($27.2 million) endowment from Qatar.

After years of wrangling, the Copenhagen Muslims are celebrating the opening of their 6,700 square meter complex that will house a mosque, a cultural center, a television studio and a fitness center.

Representatives from the Church of Denmark as well as from the Jewish community were invited to Thursday’s inauguration.

Some sceptical far-right parties have noted that the mosque has been financed by Qatar, and suspect that Qatar may use the mosque to spread its influence among Danish Muslims.

However, Mohamed Al Maimouni, spokesman for the Danish Islamic Council, which owns the mosque said, “We’re not involved in Qatari politics and we have nothing to do with the domestic situation there.”

“The Danish Islamic Council has full power over the rhetoric used here. And that’s why we were so happy with this donation: it’s a generous gift that comes with no demands,” he added.



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 Denmark's First "Real" Mosque Opens
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