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A Group of Australian Muslims Visited Imam Rezas Holy Shrine

22 December, 2014 13:08
A Group of Australian Muslims Visited Imam Rezas Holy Shrine

Coincident with the last ten days of Safar month (lunar month) a group of Australian Muslims visited Imam Reza (A.S.) holy shrine.

According to the report issued from Astan Quds Razavi's special headquarter for the last ten days of Safar month, this group of people who were 65 university scholars from Australian universities went on the pilgrimage of the illuminated Razavi Shrine and enjoyed various programs provided for them in the Ghadir portico.

Elaborating on the right way of knowing Islam, the lecturer of this program among the non Iranian pilgrims said: One of the most priorities of each society is the presence of a leader for that country since without having a leader, moving toward perfection and happiness in not possible.

Hujjat al-Islam Hussein Saberi stated: Leadership of the society is one of the issues which is very significant and has got a very important stand. He also said that because Wilayat and leading a society has been introduced, in Islam and Holy Quran, as the divine caliphate post, the leader of an Islamic society must have special characteristics.

Talking about religious orders, holding collective prayer, reading prayer books and elegy recitations, holding mourning ceremony, and presenting cultural gifts were some of the programs for this group of pilgrims.


 Source : AQR

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A Group of Australian Muslims Visited Imam Rezas Holy Shrine
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