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Islam from the Viewpoint of the West: IRIC bimonthly journal

08 January, 2015 14:10
Islam from the Viewpoint of the West: IRIC bimonthly journal

First volume of the new series of “Islam from the Viewpoint of the West” bimonthly magazine has been published.

Topic of this issue is Jurisprudence, Shari’a and Islamic Law. In this issue after introducing books that has been published on the aforementioned topic in the recent years, some of the books has been chosen to be described in brief while some other are described in full. Two films which are related to the topic are also introduced. In the following section a summary of some of the articles and thesis with related topics are discussed. 

Table of content:

A glance at the book:
- Gender and Equality in a Muslim Family Law: Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Process
- Shi’I Jurisprudence and Constitution: Revolution in Iran
- Women in Classical Islamic Law
- Islamic Jurisprudence in Classical Era
- An Introduction to Islamic Law
- The Unfamiliar Abode: Islamic Law in the Unites States and Britain
- Women, Family and Gender in Islamic Law

- Justice, Punishment, and the Medieval Muslim Imagination


- Islam: the Untold Story
- Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslim Really Think

a Summery of thesis

- Feminist Narratives on Islamic Law: Alternative Approaches
- The Muslim Identity Crisis: Shari’a as a Mechanism for Decolonization
- Islamic Law in Canada: Marriage and Divorce

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Islam from the Viewpoint of the West: IRIC bimonthly journal
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