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Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition

10 May, 2015 10:24
Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition
Her analysis of postcolonial and contemporary scholarship adds an important dimension to the debate, showing that while religion and religious commands continues to remain relevant to contemporary believers, with a strong desire to remain rooted in the old patriarchal tradition, there are also noteworthy attempts at subverting and/or rejecting the tradition to articulate an Islamic consciousness that is emphatically gender egalitarian. Chaudhry's book is a welcome and significant contribution to contemporary Muslim debates on gender justice, interpretation of religious texts, and the status of the historical Islamic intellectual tradition. Farid Esack, The Journal of the American Academy of Religion Until the twentieth century, Muslim scholars understood hitting as necessary discipline for rebellious wives. Chaudhry's nuanced study of how these scholars approached this question juridically and exegetically leaves the reader with a deeper appreciation for the ways they struggled with the verse, providing a variety of interpretations, including those that sought to reconcile it with the model of the Prophet himself... This work fits beautifully into the ongoing literature of religious feminism, reinforcing some ideas and bringing new conceptualizations that help us think in new ways about the problems religious feminists face in every tradition. Rebecca Alpert, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion This book is a valuable contribution on a controversial topic and it deserves to be read widely. Muhammad Khan, The Muslim News very well researched and presented Ali Abd al-Malik, The Islamic Quarterly
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Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition
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