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Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions

10 May, 2015 12:42
Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions
In the wake of 9/11, Zafar, a blogger, speaker, and teacher, found himself invited to explain Islam to non-Muslim audiences in a climate of fear and misinformation—at the age of twenty-two. Now a national spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, he addresses common misunderstandings about Islamic faith and culture. Following an introduction to the basics of Islam, Harris covers, chapter by chapter, the major areas of confusion for Westerners, from the realities of shariah law to the relationship between Islam and Christianity. Harris does not remain entirely neutral; he’s not afraid to criticize distorted perceptions of Islam from Western pundits and politicians advocating xenophobic agendas, nor Middle Eastern and other political groups and extremist factions for using similar distortions to justify violations of human rights. This book is less of a spiritual introduction than it is a cultural one, and an excellent starting point for people navigating interfaith relationships or working to improve understanding and representation in organizations and public discussion. (Publishers Weekly)

An intelligent, daring, and much-needed contribution to the debate about Islam in the modern world. Harris Zafar has written a remarkable book. (Reza Aslan, author of Zealot and No god but God)

This book is an important contribution to an enlightened and public conversation about Islam in our time. Harris Zafar has written a very informative and accessible interpretation of Islam for English-speaking readers. I recommend this book to those who are interested in learning about Islam and Muslim communities today. (Ali Mirsepassi, New York University)

Harris Zafar’s book, Demystifying Islam, is a clear and important statement by a recognized Muslim leader on his faith’s engagement of a diversity of issues and concerns of great consequence in the twenty-first century. Orthodox Christians will certainly disagree with Mr. Zafar’s perspectives on such matters as the identity and work of Jesus Christ and his mission. However, we should heartily welcome this courageous and irenic Muslim voice, as Zafar champions civic virtue that promotes the well-being of all peoples. Demystifying Islam is a significant contribution to the global conversation on peace, freedom, and justice in a world mystified and threatened by geopolitical and religious tensions. (Paul Louis Metzger, Multnomah University)

Harris Zafar is an insightful and often inspiring writer who leaves readers feeling richer for having spent time with his work. (Omar Sacirbey, Correspondent for the Religion News Service)

Harris Zafar’s book is both enlightening and informative. Demystifying Islam aims to deflate misconceptions of Islam, breaking them down to their essence and offering honest reasoning and historical context behind their existence. A great resource for practicing Muslims as well as those looking to gain a better understanding of one of the world's major religions. (André Carson, Congressman) 
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Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions
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