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Islam and the West: A Civilized Dialogue

10 May, 2015 13:15
Islam and the West: A Civilized Dialogue
Interaction between the Muslim World and the West stretches back centuries and, although the points of conflict are well known, the exchange of knowledge and cultural awareness has hitherto been mostly neglected. Islam and the West takes inspiration from the so-called 'Golden Age' of Christian-Muslim relations which existed over seven centuries in the geographic area known as Al-Andalus or Moorish Spain. The book seeks to move away from analysis which sees Islam and the West on a path towards inevitable conflict and violence. It identifies how relations between the West and the Muslim world have developed since the eighth century and how modern-day community leaders can learn from the experience of the 'Andalusian' model. Highlighting where mutual interests meet and diverge and examining the prospects for peaceful co-existence, this book is vital for those researching inter-cultural awareness, European and Islamic history, contemporary international relations, media and education
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Islam and the West: A Civilized Dialogue
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