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Jesus & Muhammad : Legacies of Light

25 December, 2015 13:34
Jesus & Muhammad : Legacies of Light

10-Speaker Webcast by Celebrate Mercy

In the month of December and Islamic month of Rabi' al-Awwal, many in the Christian and Muslim worlds are remembering the lives of both Prophets. Celebrate Mercy hosted a 10-speaker educational webinar to explore their legacies and how they continue to transform our world and hearts. This special 2-hour online program could be viewed live on Dec 24 Until Jan 31 from anywhere with an internet connection.

 Though this webcast focused on the Muslim perspective on both prophets, Christian guest speaker Jer Swigart and members of his congregation were joined. Jer is a world-renowned evangelical leader who discussed his perspective on Jesus' legacy and discussed his bridge-building efforts between Christians and Muslims. Jer and Celebrate Mercy’s founder first met last week at a White House interfaith gathering.

Webcast Topics:

  • Mary, Mother of Jesus
  • Prophet Jesus in the Islamic Tradition
  • The Prophet Muhammad's Interactions with Christians
  • Both Prophets and the Poor
  • Prophet Jesus' Statements in the Islamic Tradition
  • Poetry and songs of love for Mary & Jesus


 Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Baraka Blue, Tarek El-Messidi, Tamara Gray, Hisham Mahmoud, Mohammad Mendes, Saad Omar, Muslema Purmul, Kareem Salama, Jer Swigart.

The live broadcast was limited to only 100 people but viewers could also register to view a recording which is available until January 31. All speakers joined the webcast live via webcam except for Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah whose message was pre-recorded the day before.

Read more about the speakers and registration at:


Source: Celebrate Mercy’s Site


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Jesus & Muhammad : Legacies of Light
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