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British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC)

26 July, 2016 00:27
British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC)

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) is a non-political organization.

External organizations that may hire space within the Center for their own events and activities may have certain political views and opinions. However, these views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the BMHC.

Its aspiration is of a Center “celebrating Islam’s rich and diverse heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in the shaping of a cohesive society”.

The BMHC is a significant contribution by the British Muslim community, not only to bring to light the significant Muslim heritage of history, people and contribution to human civilization, but more importantly to bring it alive in an environment of learning, dialogue and debate. We aim to make such heritage tangible, visible, interesting and accessible for all: Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old, people of faith and those of none.


  1. The BMHC will be a center for all communities – Muslim and non-Muslim.
  2. We will strive to provide a welcoming environment for all and work in partnership for the common good.
  3. In focusing on Muslim heritage we mean: Muslim history, people and contribution to human civilization. A center of excellence, celebrating the rich and diverse Muslim heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in shaping a cohesive society.

BMHC Aims:

1. Creating a welcoming environment

2. Developing a learning environment

3. Outreach

4. Working in partnership

5. Building Expert Knowledge

Partners & Supporters:

  • Manchester City Council
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
  • University of Chester
  • Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF) Community Site
  • The Islamic Foundation



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British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC)British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC)
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