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Journal of Contemporary Religion

13 August, 2016 10:47
Journal of Contemporary Religion

Virtual Special Issue: Sociology

A brand new Virtual Special Issue from Journal of Contemporary Religion featuring key research on sociology and religion is introduced. By exploring the crossroads between the two subject areas, this new Virtual Special Issue seeks to celebrate the interdisciplinary character of Journal of Contemporary Religion.

Join Elisabeth Arweck, Editor of JCR in a journey through the latest articles and reviews taking a sociological approach to contemporary issues regarding religion.

All research featured in this new Virtual Special Issue is free to access for a limited time. In order to showcase the interdisciplinary character of the Journal of Contemporary Religion, the editor presents a selection of sociological articles and book reviews from recent issues. This selection also reflects and highlights the breadth and distinctive character of the journal. The articles and reviews will be freely available until December 31, 2016. 

In this virtual special issue, the spotlight is on a selection of articles and reviews which take a sociological approach to contemporary issues regarding religion. The emphasis is on ‘selection’ rather than on ‘representative sample’ of the range of scholarship that has appeared in the journal over three decades. While most of the material included here is from recent issues, including special issues. The material offered here demonstrates the care and the enthusiasm and the expertise which authors and reviewers have for their respective fields—and for the Journal of Contemporary Religion. This selection thus also pays tribute to those who truly make the journal what it is: submitting authors, colleagues who act as referees, colleagues who review books.

Source: Taylor & Francis Online

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Journal of Contemporary Religion
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