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Success Stories for Female Muslim Entrepreneurs

03 November, 2016 22:33
Success Stories for Female Muslim Entrepreneurs

Defying stereotypes, a growing number of Muslim women are launching their own businesses in the UK and across the world, cashing in on the rapidly growing market for Muslim-focused consumer goods.

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, Muslim consumer spending on food and lifestyle products and services was estimated at $1.8 trillion (£1.5tn) globally in 2014 and is projected to reach $2.6tn in 2020.

The Mocktail Company, a producer of non-alcoholic drinks for Muslims founded in Watford this year, is another successful business for a female Muslim businesswoman. “I’d always known growing up in Britain that the culture of being British and being Muslim sometimes conflicted, particularly at university when a lot of my friends were drinking,” founder Shahin Hussain told the BBC.

“And as I grew older I saw no-one had filled the gap in the market for non-alcoholic drinks aimed at Muslims.” The firm only launched three months ago and claims to have already sold 19,000 bottles of its non-alcoholic mojito, the Nojito.

It is also planning to release two new flavors including a strawberry daiquiri-inspired drink. Nazir’s business and other Muslim rising entrepreneurs in the UK would be exhibiting in Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester on Saturday and Sunday October 29-30. He says that 60% of the 130 exhibitors taking part will be female entrepreneurs, showcasing everything from luxury prayer mats and Islamic toys, to fashion, accessories and cosmetics.


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Success Stories for Female Muslim Entrepreneurs
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