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Science and Faith in the Islamic Tradition

13 November, 2016 13:17
Science and Faith in the Islamic Tradition

Lecturer: Faisal Mohammed (Cambridge Islamic College)

Date: November 14, 2016

Venue: Wesley Church, Christ's Pieces, Cambridge CB1 1LG, UK

Science is rooted in observation, experimentation and repetition. It is a human endeavor based on a human-defined framework. Faith on the other hand, according to Islamic Tradition, is rooted in non-human divine revelation. Faith is concerned with that knowledge and understanding which is beyond any human endeavor. Yet throughout Islamic History there has been a strong relationship between Science and Faith. In this lecture Faisal Mohammed looks at the Islamic understanding of Science and explores how this has contributed to Muslims moving toward Faith rather than moving away from Faith.

Faisal Mohammed is the Managing Director of Cambridge Islamic College. The mission of the College is to produce a generation of independent Islamic scholars and thinkers who are at the same time working professionals contributing to the wider British society. The College is committed to bridging the disconnect between mainstream secular education and specialized Islamic studies.

Faisal holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from The Open University, UK. Faisal has also qualified as a Management Accountant, from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK. Faisal worked in the mobile telecommunication industry for several years before he moved on to establishing his own businesses in natural health food and management consulting. Alongside his work, Faisal has been actively pursuing Islamic Studies and is regularly invited to give lectures at inter-faith events, mosques, Islamic centers and universities. He founded Muslim Education and Outreach Cambridge (MEOC) in 2010 and co-founded Cambridge Islamic College in 2013.

Source: Wesley Methodist Church’s Website

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Science and Faith in the Islamic TraditionScience and Faith in the Islamic Tradition
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