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The Islamic Way of Life

14 November, 2016 13:17
The Islamic Way of Life

46th annual MSA-PSG conference

Date: December 22-25, 2016

Venue: Phoenix, AZ, USA

We live in a time of unique circumstances. On one hand, as a community of Muslims in the West, we are in a position to learn, adapt, integrate into society, and influence others. On the other hand, the materialistic/secular culture of the society we live in is actively exported by the media and is rapidly becoming the dominant culture of the entire world, impacting the way of life across the globe. Setting the global cultural tone with a fundamentally secular mindset has allowed Western imperialism to occupy the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Our challenge and the opportunity before us is clear. We need to forge an identity that is unique to Muslims in the West, one that enables us to play a profound role in our society by interacting organically with society, learning and influencing, all the while being able to counter the dominance of cultural imperialism. We are honored to have the first major Shia Islamic conference happening in Phoenix, Arizona this year - the annual MSA-PSG conference. Hundreds of people from around the world will flock to Phoenix to listen to great scholars and sessions about all aspects of our religious life.

With that, there is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the local Shia of Phoenix to step up and volunteer during the conference as a lot of help will be needed to make the conference a success. We hope to inspire unity and acquaint participants with the talent and resources our communities harbor. The conference aims to foster new connections and nurture a sense of social activism within our communities in order to empower the next generation of Muslims growing up in the West. MATIN talks is a new forum for you to present your thoughts & ideas in a TED-talks style format.

This year's conference features engaging activities and interactive workshops:

More information at:

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The Islamic Way of LifeThe Islamic Way of Life
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