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Quranic Studies International Conference

02 March, 2017 04:45
Quranic Studies International Conference

Date: July 4, 2017

Venue: Peace House, 19 Paradise Square, Oxford, OX1 1LD, UK

Quranic Studies International Conference that will take place in England is an event that is intended to bring together scholars and professionals with experience and interest in the Quranic studies in order to achieve a closer link between the endeavors that are being made across the world for a much deeper understanding of this discipline.


  • The emergence of Islamic governments and their Quranic guidelines.
  • The law in the Quran and its relation and interaction with secular laws as well as the international law.
  • Islamic banking and financial markets; their Quranic foundations and also analyses of the current Islamic systems with the Quranic requisites and qualifications.
  • The Quranic answers to intellectual and philosophical challenges facing Muslims such as questions raised by atheism and other ideologies and ideas.
  • The Quranic foundation of spiritual and mystical trends inside and outside the Muslim world.
  • The development of media coverage of the Quranic themes.
  • An exploration of the literature aiming at clarification of various dimensions of impact by the Quran on the worlds of knowledge, politics, society, psychology and so forth.
  • The works undertaken to develop an insight into the traditional interpretations and hermeneutics of the Holy Quran.
  • The Arabic language of the Quran, is it in decline or is it being upheld by the advent of new media?
  • Translation of the Holy Quran.
  • The ethical structures suggested by the Quran and how these structures helped Muslim communities throughout history be morally balanced and in peace.
  • The mental healing and therapeutic properties of the Quranic verses prescribing methodologies in order to keep mental disorders such as depression in check.
  • The impact of the Quran and Quranic studies on the discourse of the religious thinking across the world.
  • New ways of interpreting the Quran, positive and negative points, a critical outlook.

Abstract Submission:

The 250-word abstract on MS Word must be formatted to include methodology, original data and results, and conclusion. Please send your abstracts to

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Quranic Studies International ConferenceQuranic Studies International Conference
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