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The Global Hope for Global Peace Exhibition

17 November, 2013 14:10
The Global Hope for Global Peace Exhibition
  • The Global Community is experiencing terror, injustice, and crime. Has there ever been a time of Global Peace in the history of mankind? Will it occur in the future? All divine religions declare there will be a time of Global Peace and Justice but, When? How? By Whom? What preparations are needed? What should we do to quicken its advent? At a time that Globalization has become a reality, the question still remains: will Globalization contribute to Global Peace and Justice or jeopardize it?

    We all dream and expect a Heavenly, Bright, and Peaceful World. You are invited to join us in the first "GLOBAL HOPE for GLOBAL PEACE" exhibition to see, hear, and feel hope, peace, and the future for ourself. In a two hour tour you will enjoy lively presentations from the following stands:

  1. Peace is Waiting for HIS Arrival
  2. Globalization and Global Governance
  3. Everyone is Waiting for HIM
  4. Why We Need HIM?
  5. The Compassionate Father

In addition, there is a special stand for kids titled KIDSZONE. It includes memorable fun games along with fantastic prizes.

Date: October 6 to 10, 2004 (Mehr 15 to 19, 1383) Time: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Tour starts every 2 hrs.

Address: Kanoon Ansar Library Building, adjacent to Amir Mosque, Gerdafarid St., Across Gas Station, North Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran For More Information Contact Us: Tel.: (+98- 21) 6946187 Or email:

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The Global Hope for Global Peace Exhibition
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