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Building Bridges

09 March, 2017 02:07
Building Bridges

Davidson United Methodist Church had invited American Islamic Outreach Foundation to talk to about Islam On Sunday 26th February 2017. The class was of the senior members of the congregation.

Zahir Shaikh and Dorene Alama the directors of AIOF had attended. Zahir spoke about the basics of Islam and Dorene spoke of her journey to Islam.  There were about 45-50 members of Davidson congregation. Lots of questions were asked and eagerness to learn more. This was a great opportunity for AIOF to build bridges with the neighboring faiths and their constituents.  AIOF will be meeting with the congregation of Davidson again to teach more about Islam.

American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF) was formed in July 2012 in the city of Charlotte NC as a Non Profit Organization which serves to inform, educate, and dispel misconceptions about the Islamic Faith through outreach programs and community service.

Source: American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF)

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Building BridgesBuilding BridgesBuilding BridgesBuilding Bridges
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