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“What A Relief” Podcast 50: Islam In Spanish: Empowering An Underserved Community Part II

15 March, 2017 02:10
“What A Relief” Podcast 50: Islam In Spanish: Empowering An Underserved Community Part II

B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon  talked to Jaime Mujahid Fletcher in this episode of “What a Relief!” In this episode, B.C. & Mordant continue their talk with Jaime Mujahid Fletcher from Islam in Spanish. He shares more detailed insight on how his organization is making strides to bring knowledge about Islam to the Spanish-speaking community.

He explains how social media and marketing has played a huge role in the effort. By linking up with specialists in technology, he has been able to explore new avenues of outreach. By implementing certain systems online, the entire conversion experience can be transformed. When a Spanish-speaking person accepts Islam, he or she can be linked up with educational guidance like never before. “Almost like a personal mentor, but automated,” he explains.

In addition to making Islam more accessible to those interested in embracing the religion, Islam in Spanish has done incredible interfaith work, adding a new perspective to an important conversation. He shares his experiences with some eye-opening interactions. “I was shocked to hear from some of them; they were surprised Muslims have a sense of humor.” Through his stories, he showcases the power of meeting Muslims in real life.

Tune in to hear a unique perspective on a minority’s experience in society. Jaime talks about the perception of the “other,” and how every person can play a role in combating stereotypes. Join the conversation of how we can encourage a celebration of differences rather than unknowingly contribute to a fear of them. This podcast also goes deeper into Jaime’s inspiring personal journey to Islam, to knowledge and to becoming an influencer in his community. He shares an incredible story of transitioning from gangsterism to a new way of life. His conversion led to a front page feature in the Houston Chronicle titled, “New Faith, Changed Man.”

Source: Islam in Spanish

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“What A Relief” Podcast 50: Islam In Spanish: Empowering An Underserved Community Part II
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