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The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences (JRISS)

12 March, 2017 01:04
The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences (JRISS)

Volume 7, No. 1

The seventh issue of the academic journal was published: The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences (JRISS) Vol. 7, No. 1, 2016. It focuses on themes such as philosophy, epistemology, study of religion and comparative studies while taking a critical-analytical approach to the most important contemporary theoretical issues and questions. scholars from all over the world are invited to submit their articles to JRISS.


- Islamic Methodology Concerning Student-teacher Relationships For Sustainable Development: The Qur’anic Musa-khidr Experience;

Dr. Adebayo, Rafiu Ibrahim & Prof. Quadri, Yasir Anjola

- Limited Legislative Power Of The Ulu Al-amr (State Legislative Organ) In Islamic Law;

Ahmed Akgunduz

- Women’s Rights In Islam In Relation To Divorce;

 Samreen Ansari & Sana Kousar

- The Theory Of Jurisprudence In Islam

- Reinterpreting Mihaq al-Madinah: A Study Of Some Contemporary Scholars;

 Mohammad Dawood Sofi And Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray

- The Belief In Angels In The Islamic Faith According To Said Nursî’s Study In Risale-i Nur;

 Dr. Jusuf Salih

- The Scientific Ideas In Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Risale-i Nur;

Qaisar Mohammad

- Islamic Banking And Shari‘ah Scholars In Nigeria;

 Kareem Muritala Kewuyemi

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The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences (JRISS)
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